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New Timberland watches

Elegant design with attention to every detail


Friday, March 16, 2017

Not only shoes! Timberland watches are suitable to be worn every day but also on special occasions thanks to their elegant and casual style at the same time.

These watches will surprise you thanks to their clean lines, very similar to the Swatch and affordable. Perfect fusion of real leather, glass and aluminum. Moreover, they are water resistant.

Each model manteins the tradition and the attention to the quality, which have marked it in the world.
It is along these lines that, after the footwear, was born these new lines of unmistakable style, like man’s clocks that we propose. Thin and compact for an excellent durability.

The Timberland brand was founded in 1973, that in a few years has achieved a consensus so high as to make it an icon of authentic style recognized around the world. In addition to the famous outdoor footwear, Timberland now offers fashionable clothing lines and accessories for men and women.
Distribution in Italy takes place only since 2008 and the producers are a Private Label of the Swatch Group, the Endura.

Discover all the clocks of the Timberland brand.

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