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Napapijri men’s polo

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Wednesday, May 2, 2017

The Napapijri polo are an inexhaustible clothes that you can not do without it. They are made with the highest quality products to give to your look an unmistakable and timeless sporty-chic style.

In the early 1990s the Napapijri brand was founded, whose production was limited to backpacks and technical backpacks suitable for those wishing to practice sport, but not only. Afterwards, Napapijri expanded its line by producing men's and women's clothing, from fleece sweatshirts, pants to jackets and ski jackets to ensure the best performance even in places where the weather is one of the most Cold, thanks to advanced technologies and the choice of the best materials tested for extreme conditions.

The Napapijri brand is born from Giuliana Rosset's stylistic design, inspired by a trip to America, deciding to invent a new brand, idealizing concepts that reminded them of the North Pole such as exploration, travel and adventure.

Napapijri was born on the inspiration of a small Finnish resort to the Arctic Circle, to create casual, accurately dressed and functional clothing and accessories that allow you to travel in peace and tranquility.

The Napapijri polo shirts are an essential product that brings with it all the inspiration of the Arctic countries, including Norway, to the world of fashion and sportswear with original, captivating and essential styles, suitable for all those who want Feel fashionable while practicing sports.

The brand name Napapijri, famous for launching of the “Skidoo“ vest, icon-product of the brand, offers garments that bring in your wardrobe the right creativity and sartorial rigor to offer you sporty and stylish chic products and accessories.

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